WEB- China Artificial Intelligence Ambitions

China-Artificial Intelligence Ambitions

China aims to become a world leader in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) by 2030. This goal is linked to Beijing’s efforts to make its economy more innovative, modernize its military, and gain influence globally. While the US currently retains an edge in AI, China’s ambitions are likely to set off a new technology race.. But does Beijing have the innovation capacity and strategy in place to achieve this goal?

In the development of new technologies, the balance of power is shifting eastward. The People’s Republic of China (PRC), once “the workbench of the world”, is transforming itself into a serious competitor in the development of future key technologies. Especially in the field of AI, China’s ambitious activities receive widespread attention. The country is continuously gaining on the current leader, the US, and plans to become the world’s “Premier AI Innovation Center” by 2030.